2C Processor USA, LLC Announces New Intacct Applications

2C Processor USA (2CP) is pleased to announce new applications and enhancements to its existing Intacct applications, coming in the first quarter of 2015!

We will be rolling out enhancements to our Customer Portal application first quarter 2015. New features include: paid invoice history (PDF format) and the ability to use Intacct’s Collaborate to communicate invoice inquiries or disputes.  Another great improvement will be our embedded gateway reporting whereby Intacct users will have full access to transaction, batch, and statement reporting all within Intacct, eliminating the need for a separate login to our payment gateway. Finally leveraging our TSYS relationship, implementing “Level 3 Data”, which decreases processing costs, improves invoicing data, and enhances the ability to process large ticket payments and government payment cards.

2CP has been a leading Application Partner of Intacct since 2010.  Our Intacct platform applications simplify receivables and payments for Intacct clients and their customers.  Utilizing our apps, 2CP’s clients can greatly improve receivables collections efficiency, reduce commitment of resources for data entry, and increase cash-flow velocity.

2CP was ecstatic to be a Platinum Sponsor at the Intacct Advantage in Orlando this past November.  The response to presentations of our solutions was very positive and we look forward to fulfilling the new customer relationships we established at Advantage. We showed off some of our latest Intacct applications such as our Magento, Drupal, and WooCommerce integrations.  We also demonstrated our custom Email Invoice solution with “Pay Now” functionality, our new DocuSign integration which speeds up the payments cycle, and our new Intacct fully integrated Retail Point of Sale.

For a demonstration please email us at intacct@2cpusa.com, visit www.2cpusa.com/intacct or the Intacct Marketplace online at http://marketplace.intacct.com, or call us at (800) 977-3840.

About 2C Processor USA, LLC

2C Processor USA (2CP) is a registered payments processor and a leader in payment systems, security, and integration.  Utilizing 2CP’s proprietary PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway, multiple payment platforms, and acquiring bank relationships, 2CP seeks to meld these multiple network technologies into one streamlined workflow to decrease payment processing costs and increase operational efficiency.

2CP technology and payments professionals have decades of experience in merchants services, e-commerce, and point-of-sale solutions.  Since 2001, we have served the payments processing needs of thousands of merchants in the United StatesCanada, and Europe.  2CP is headquartered in El Segundo, California.

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